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A website is a combination of several web pages merged under a folder associated with a domain name (like www.domain.com).

Whenever customers type that domain name in their browser, they will be redirected to that website (the web pages).

A website then helps customer/visitor see details about the individual (portfolio) or services/products (businesses).

A website can be created in as little as one hour. The results can impress both you, your visitors and most importantly Google.


Are you thinking to yourself “it`s too hard for me”?

Don`t worry, we`ll help you on our website all the way.

Let`s start with what can a website do for you. Whilst there are tens of reasons why you should opt for digital advertising of yourself / your business, with some more important ones’ being online advertising at reduced costs, available and working for you 24 hours / 7 days a week, and finally, trackable (means you can see who is visiting and what they are doing on your website).

Let`s get back to the why you came here, to begin with: you came to allow us to help you set up a website. Free of charge.
But before jumping to creating a website, we need to tick a few checks to make sure your idea will land on Google`s 1st page.

The checklist is here: “Must Have for websites”???

1) MARKET RESEARCH - is the most important element for any business as it allows acquisition of new customers, an increase in their satisfaction, and helps elevate the performance of a business. 

This research is made up of primary and secondary research where the primary research monitors the existing business practices and the tools used for online communication, as well as assessing current market competition and evaluating their businesses; and where secondary research is done by analyzing existing customer trends that helps devise strategies for current ongoing campaigns. 

More exactly, here you'll put your thoughts on a paper and make a list of USP`s (unique selling points) of what makes your service/product better than others and why people should visit your website as sadly there are a few others like yours. See what they are offering and go back to that USP list. The more unique your product/service is the more interest.

We`ll help you make the best-informed decision to guarantee results!

2) YOUR BRAND - brand identity is important for your business as it can help set you apart from your competitors, represent your brand, improve its customer awareness. This will effectively lead to a brand loyalty and trust from your customers, a higher credibility and great financial returns on your advertising investment. 

It includes: logos (the symbol of your business), a tagline: (your business to your audience), stationery (business cards, letter-headed paper, etc.), marketing materials (like websites, catalogues, promotional flyers and ePublication), products and packaging, signage (in your office, car, etc) and emails.

We`ve helped 100s of business create unique and effective brands!

3) WEBSITE - the web pages which will advertise yourself / your business 24 hrs a day, here you need to have an idea of what domain name suits you best (like www.yourbusiness.com).

Having a website helps your business advertise its services in a cost-effective manner as you only have a yearly domain cost and a monthly hosting cost. It is available 24 hours a day and this allows customers to find your services even when your business is closed. 

Another advantage o websites are that they offer the information your customers are looking for and if that information is clearly presented, it will help them make an informed choice and save you the time you`d normally spend in converting them from website visitors to website customers. 

Last but not least, a good website offers business credibility and if you have many happy customers, their reviews can help share your services to other potential customers. 

Let us create a fast loading optimised website for your business!

4) SEO (search engine optimisation) - is the ability of a webmaster to promote its website on a high position in search engines. Being on the 1st page of search engines for a keyword which many customers are looking for will inevitably result in having many visitors to your website for free. 

Imagine having a business selling fast food and being on the 1st page of Google for people looking for fast food on a Saturday night. You'll have many more phone calls which will lead to orders than you would have if you would be on the 3rd page of search engines. where almost no one will look for you. 

Let us be your webmasters for guaranteed SEO results!

5) SEM (search engine marketing) - is represented by the ads shown on search engines like Google and Bing and are the paid version of SEO, where the highest bidder and the best quality ad appears on the 1st position of the search page. 

Unlike SEO, this one costs money, but it can be optimised to be cost-effective and a higher quality (landing page + ad) can reduce the costs whilst maintaining the position. Unlike SEO, it can also be targetted through display ads and videos to be shown to potential customers even when these are not searching for your product.

Allow us to optimise your ads for a better ROI!

6) SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - in an effort to further increase a campaign's outreach, social media platforms like Facebook. Twitter and others allow users to create business pages that can be used to further raise awareness and create sales. 

These campaigns are both free and paid, just as SEO and SEM above; but unlike these, they have lower costs. 

We will get your business famous on social media platforms!

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