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TuneMyWebsite has over 15 years experience in the sector of digital marketing. Our team started photography in 2004, web design, brand identity and search engine optimisation in 2007, social media marketing in 2009, search engine marketing in 2011; digital marketing planning later in 2011 and performance marketing in 2017.

  • We have conducted A2B tests to see what SEO strategy works best for search engines and our partners. We are proud of the free traffic we provide to our partners.
  • We have optimised ads to increase their ad rank by simply maximising ads quality and without increasing their costs. We increased ROI tenfold.
  • We created social media campaigns that organically generate many visitors and huge brand awareness.
  • We review weekly our partners results and generate new ideas to improve their performance.

Online Marketing Services by TuneMyWebsite

  • Market research: you tell us what you are trying to achieve, what your goals are and we will investigate the market for opportunities and offer you the best and most competitive opportunities. Let us find the right customers for your business and get you to know each other. Read more about our market research <here>
  • Brand Identity is very crucial for any business. Look at the giants like Pepsi and Coca-Cola. You need a great brand identity too. Let us create a brand identity that will make a lasting impression on your customers. Find out about our 15 years in designing brand identity <here>
  • Create website that will help you reach the 1st position of search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu. Our websites all get graded with maximum scores by these search engines and get rewarded for doing so. Take advantage of our skills and let us create a website that will get your business going. Read more about our 12 years experience in webdesign <here>
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) places your website on the results of search engines. A good SEO strategy means you can get thousands of new visitors to your website. Let us help your business by optimising your website for the 1st position of search engines. Get that free traffic <here>
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps you bid for a top position in the auction of search engines. We know all the secrets of these auctions that Google and Bing perform. Let us increase your quality score to a maximum to lower your PPC costs. Find out how we do it <here>
  • Social Media Marketing helps you reach potential customers when they are browsing social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Whether it`s for acquiring these new customers or for keeping engaged with your existing community, we grew communities worldwide. We also have access to over 50 000 Twitter Followers (UK agency premiere) and 1 000 000 Facebook fans. Read more about our skill <here>

Online Marketing Services - The TuneMyWebsite promise

Online Marketing Services

Search engines love our work!

  1. WE ARE NOT A DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY. We do not have CEOs that pay us minimum wage for their own profits. We are an online community that find passion in offering digital marketing services and as it`s our hobby and we want to use it as our portfolio work, we have accessible prices.
  2. WE ARE UP TO DATE with the latest algorithm changes of search engines. We will always provide you with the best advice.
  3. WE ALWAYS LOWER COSTS and increase ROI.
  4. WE LISTEN TO YOUR NEEDS, take notes, come back with a marketing strategy and then we explain it to a language you are familiar with.
  5. WE HAVE VAST EXPERIENCE in digital marketing sectors like hospitality, financial services, insurances, e-commerce and all the others.

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