Market Research


What is market research?

Probably the most important step in setting up a business, largely ignored by many small businesses; market research is the process which process which entails the gathering of information that helps see if there is a market for your product/service.

More exactly, market research allows entrepreneurs and companies to create marketing plans for products and services that will have a huge impact on potential markets and raise awareness and interest.

Traditionally, market research is conducted through surveys and relevant industry data.

TuneMyWebsite Market Research

TuneMyWebsite Market Research

  1. We don`t waste your time or resources with inefficient surveys, we use a 10-year-old efficient market database to find the most relevant keywords for your business/product/service
  2. Our database allows us to efficiently place your product/service/brand to your customers, depending on our location, language and search engine
  3. To summarise, you get the best market research, optimised for your needs

STUDY CASE 1: One of our partners, Servitec Girona, wanted to launch a website to acquire more customers than they previously had. We used our database and found that a brand name like "Instalaciones Electricas Girona" would give them monthly access to 10-100 new customers.

We were offered a contract to create a website, set up social media campaign and advertise their products. After one month of intensive work on our side, the partner now has an average of 30 new customers monthly. You can contact them (Spanish speaking partner here): Dani on +34 642 00 29 21.

STUDY CASE 2: A second of our partners, Bugaderia Berlin, was interested in taking its business online to capture the attention of more customers. As not many people were looking for her business on Bing, we suggested the keyword "Lavanderia Autoservicio Barcelona" which was then transformed into a website and is now on the 1st position of Bing.

With the 1st position on the search engines, collaborated with the Google My Business we set up for the partner, we received feedback that the number of visitors has increased.

YOUR CASE: You may have a business idea (service or product) or an existing business which needs improvements. We can review your existing market strategy, we`ll then use our database to find optimisation solutions and you`ll then have access to valuable insights which will guarantee your website reaches the right audience, the audience you want as your customers.