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Create website: how and why?

In the past, creating a website involved advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS languages and hosting a website incurred high costs. 

Nowadays, in 2018, we have advanced website builders like Wix, GoDaddy, Web, WordPress, Weebly, and others that help small and medium companies create websites which help them acquire customers to their domains. Hosting cost also has decreased due to a larger offer from service providers. 

Large corporations and governments, like eBay, Nasa, Amazon, Brazil, Romania, United States and others, use Drupal.

So do we.


Create Website with TuneMyWebsite

We are specialised experts in Drupal installations because Drupal is the "ultimate" website solution:

  1. It is open source (free to use) and highly customisable
  2. It continues to improve itself easily 
  3. Its built for enterprises 
  4. It offers extensive API support (for applications like Twitter, Facebook)
  5. It is Mobile and SEO friendly

STUDY CASE: Google started implementing "mobile first" penalties in its ranking factor. Current data shows that the average 3G loading time of a website is 22 seconds. If a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, as per recent statistics, the visitors are likely to close the page. 

YOUR CASE: The speed of your website will depend on the ability of your website creator's speed. If your supplier will have a speed of 3 to 5 seconds, the probability of their customers getting annoyed at the slow speed and leaving increases by 90%. We always keep our websites speeds at under 3 seconds load time on 3G speed. Check our website and another website creator's for yourself on the TEST MOBILE SPEED by Google.