SEM means search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing is, shortly explained, the digital marketing process which involves website promotions on search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo), primarily through paid advertising.

Is it like SEO, but results shown on SEM are affected by the bid (the amount of money the advertisers pay).

More exactly, SEM allows internet users to advertise their websites/products/services through search engines by using paid promotions and each time a user clicks on an advert, the advertisers are charged by these search engines.

SEM by TuneMyWebsite

SEM TuneMyWebsite

  1. We have Certified Google Partners who can help set up or optimise your ads
  2. They will optimise your landing page experience, keywords, negatives, ad extensions, automated rules, CTA, remarketing and local attributes to ensure maximum efficiency 
  3. To summarise, without adding 1 penny more, we will increase your SEM ROI

STUDY CASE: In this case (see screenshot here), keeping in mind factors like ad relevancy, ad text, call extensions, landing page experience and load speed, an experienced and efficient AdWords specialist will agree that the ad is not optimised to have a decreased cost of increased return on investment.

YOUR CASE: We will optimise your ad text, landing page relevancy, and load speed, as well as use all relevant ad extensions, using advanced automated rules to make sure your advertising costs decrease whilst you have an increased return on investment within the same advertising budget.