Brand Identity


Brand identity: why is it important and "how to"?

A brand identity is something unique to a company and helps a company stand apart from others. Just think of "always Coca-Cola" and you probably already imagine the memory you have with Santa Claus coming to town bringing to everyone bottles of Coca-Cola.

Once a brand is established, let`s say Coca-Cola, whenever the brand advertises its products, customers associate that advertisement with the company itself.

Brand identity is available to every company, not just giants like Coca-Cola. To develop one identity, each brand must consider "why" they are established, their values, unique positioning (also known as the unique selling point) and a brand voice (how they communicate; can be a mascot or a person).


We started helping businesses with brand identity in late 2004. We are experts in helping brand create or increase their identity by:

  1. Helping them answer efficiently the questions: "why", "what beliefs", "why we are better", "why we are special", "three words to describe"?
  2. We help design bespoke logos, websites, product packagings, business cards, emails, virals
  3. To summarise, we`ll help you customers associate your company with your online brand

STUDY CASE: In the past, we helped business partners create brands like Glamorgan NightLife, Worcester NightLife, and others. Their users/clients would ask for their services using their brand names, not the company registered name. This helped them increase popularity and customer satisfaction, as well as their customers lifetime value. See other examples here.

We are a brand too. Customers Google for our brand identity "tune my website" or "tunemywebsite" and we are the result.

YOUR CASE: Stimulate your customers into liking your brand by choosing a brand name your customers are already looking for, but can`t find in your competitors. Our market research database will help you choose the best identity and we`ll then create the bespoke business cards needed, fast loading unique website, product packaging, business cards, email template and videos your audience will love.