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The news is a journalistic genre presenting the actual reality, which it puts in a communicable form, then transmitted through modern mass media techniques.

In the field of journalism, information must be understood in a double sense. Information is a term that becomes the press. Some authors even define information as "the process of social communication and the institutions that provide this process."

The definitions of the news are numerous, belonging to various press schools, and reflect a certain conception of the press, the functions and the social position of the journalist and the press. In a Czechoslovak journal of journalism, news is defined as a brief, operative communication of a new or new social fact, of a social process or of its results, of an unusual knowledge or of an expression of ideas.

According to other statements, "the news is a" novelty, "the story of recent events. To have the news, what is being reported must be: acual, pending, important, significant or unusual." is also defined as a fact or a precise idea that will interest a large number of readers; "news is any communication made at the right time because it is interesting and meaningful." It is an account of the significant aspects of a topical occurrence, which is interesting for the readers of the newspaper where the story is published, news is the first account of significant events, interest to the public ".

From these definitions we can extract two qualifiers: interest and meaning as basic traits of a story that can be considered a news story. By summarizing the opinions expressed on the characteristics of the news, the following definition can be formulated: the press release is a brief narrative of some facts, events, significant ideas, current news, a story that is of interest to the public.

TuneMyWebsite News


British Airways risks stealing personal data record fine: Alex Cruz, the CEO of British Airways, said he was "surprised and disappointed".

Deutsche Bank cuts 18000 jobs cuts business: Deutsche Bank has decided a major restructuring that will cost him 7.4 billion euros.

MacKenzie Bezos 3rd richest world woman post divorce: MacKenzie Bezos, former wife of Jeff Bezos, becomes the 3rd richest woman in the world after her divorce

Lady Gaga exclusive Amazon launch Haus Laboratories: Lady Gaga Launches Exclusively on Amazon Its Makeup Brand Haus Laboratories

Airbus poised Boeing dethrone: Airbus poised to dethrone Boeing leaded by immobilization of 737 Max.

Air France stock market announcement:Air France falls on the stock market following the announcement of a new tax on airline tickets.

Bitcoin tops Switzerland Greece Israel electricity consumption:Bitcoin consumes more electricity than Switzerland, Israel or Greece

FC Barcelona 120 mills Antoine Griezmann deal: Barcelona would have poured 120 M € to recruit Antoine Griezmann and the Spanish club is already doing a good deal

10 top money making celebrities 2019: The US magazine Forbes has just published the list of the 100 highest paid celebrities in the world in 2019.

Stranger Things Coca Nike HandM wining Netflix brands: Season 3 of "Stranger Things" landed on Netflix on July 4th and almost immediately broke all audience records for the online

GAFA tax Donald Trump threatens France reprisals: US President Donald Trump has ordered an investigation into the proposed French tax on GAFA.

Jay-Z will help sell cannabis California: Beyonce and Jay-Z at a campaign concert for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, November

MH370 crash evokes pilot suicide thesis: The investigation into the crash of the Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines, which caused the death of the 239 passengers on March 8, 2014, see

Thermomix opens new France stores countering Cuisine Connect: The madness of the multifunction cooking robots is not ready to stop.

Billionaires spend money unimaginable ways: Do not judge a billionaire by his fortune.

Celtics midfielder Enes Kanter 5 revealing facts: Celtics' newest center was credited to help Kentucky reach a final four, even if he never played a team match.

Pacers Malcolm Brogdon Bucks acquisition transfer: The Pacers Indians were in a better position this year to make a move to the free agency.

Andre Iguodala NBA Mark Entrance: After Andre Iguodala entered NBA fifteen years ago, he quickly became known as a sportsman, playing first for Sixers and then for Nuggets.

Introducing Sixers Last Sense Josh Richardson: Meet Josh Richardson, the new and talented band of Sixers. I'm sure Sixers fans will be disappointed to see Jimmy Butler.

Controversy video exploits Kanye West Famous: But the whole fight exploded when Kim Kardashian West, Kanye's wife and a media superstar on its own, released a movie that showed Kan

Taylor Swift Scooter Braun controversy explained: it's about Kanye.

Old Road Rapper confirms openly homosexuality: Old Road Road rapper Lil Nas X faces homophobic comments after coming out

Kawhi Leonard wait game raises Lakers Clippers stakes: Kawhi Leonard deserves time, anxiety and patience.

Jordan Bell accepts Minnesota Timberwolves leadership: Timberwolves beats missiles, Jazz, Thunder for Jordan Bell.

Hong Kong Chinese press unveils protests: Here's what the Chinese press says about the protests in Hong Kong

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Rangers Receive Unlimited Artemi Panarin Love: Artemi Panarin broke the comfort of his Russian interpreter to answer a question in English, making a pretty sincere statement to the

Day 1 2019 NHL Winners: Who hit it big and fell flat on the opening day of the free agency?

NBA 2020 launch cover offers: "NBA 2K20" Release date, cover athlete, pre-ordered offers, WNBA Reveal and Trailer Released

Bobby Bonilla celebrates huge wage today: Happy Bobby Bonilla Day! Why Mets pays $ 1.19 on July 1st

Spider Man Away Home review promises superior quality: Spider-Man: Beyond Home is our first view of the Marvel Universe after Avengers: Endgame, the end of an era and a new beginni

LA angels winback Tyler Skaggs lost ground: The Angels have won emotions back in the field after the death of teammate Tyler Skaggs

Netherlands USA FIFA World Cup Female Final: The Netherlands will face the US in the Women's World Cup final after beating Sweden

Centenara Hotel opens 20 new Vietnam locations: Centara targets 20 new hotel openings in Vietnam by 2024.

Celebrate 4 July 2019 Home Easily: Celebrating 4 July at Home. Fire Pits offers the perfect place to gather friends and family.

Avoid Common 4 July Grill Mistakes: Grilled Planning in July? Do not make these 4 grill mistakes

Emergency Healthcare Center Reports 2025: Emergency Health Centers 2025 | Detailed analysis by key stakeholders - American Family Assistance, Aurora Urgent Care, Bellin Health, Car

Take advantage Independence Day rebates: Liberate your freedom with rebates and make this Independence Day!

Holidays July 4 Palm Beach USA: July holidays in Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast

Trump commercial policy cheapens meat: Price grids, but cheaper meat: how the Trump's commercial policy plays on July 4

Top 10 highest militarized world countries: The 10 most militarized countries in the world

Huaweis new OS continues European existence: Huawei now has its own OS to continue to exist in Europe

10 popular old Netflix streaming series: 10 old series that hit young people on streaming platforms like Netflix

Renault Nissan join Googles autonomous cars delivery system: Renault-Nissan and Google will work together to define how to deliver with autonomous cars!

New Russian surveillance UAV owl look-alike: Russia's new surveillance UAV looks like an owl, and for good reason

Airbnb offers luxury Polynesias French Riviera villas: Airbnb now offers luxury villas on the French Riviera and in Polynesia!

Lannion Brittany traces pedestrians smartphones: The city of Lannion in Brittany will trace pedestrians via their smartphone

Bill Gates names Warren Buffet real career support: Bill Gates says Warren Buffet was a real support during the toughest period of his career

UFC-Que Choisir sues Google GDPR violations:UFC-Que Choisir association sues Google for violation of RGPD

New Boeing 737 Max malfunctions discovered: 737 Max: Boeing will have to fix a new malfunction before it can operate