What is SEM in Digital Marketing? What can a SEM Consultant do for you? Among the most demanded jobs in the Digital Marketing sector, is the expert in SEM, but ... What is SEM?

SEM positioning is the paid positioning in search engines. Its main mission is to attract new customers and generate quality traffic to the website. In Spain, the most used search engine is Google, so in this article we will always refer to SEM positioning in this search engine.

Before we begin to develop the advantages and characteristics of SEM positioning, it is necessary to understand why we need to position ourselves at the web level.

In the digital world, the one who is more likely to have more visits is the one who appears on the first page of Google.

And not only that, but the higher we are, the better. Keywords also play a key role in search engine optimization.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a digital marketing strategy whose objective is to promote brands and websites, increasing their visibility on the pages of search engine results.

SEM Consultant

Contrary to what happens with SEO positioning, in which climbing position is achieved in a natural way, SEM campaigns require paid ads.

Nobody escapes that, who usually has more visits is who appears on the first page of Google. But besides, the higher up, the better.

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Benefits of SEM Consultant

  • Almost immediate profitability

One of its biggest benefits, without a doubt, is that you can achieve short-term profitability. As soon as you activate the SEM campaign, you will have the possibility to occupy the first positions in the search results for a specific keyword, which means obtaining immediate traffic to attract new customers from the first minute.

  • Segmentation

Segmentation is one of the great keys and, to do it well, means choosing the target in which the ad will impact with great precision (geographical area, device, interests or even remarketing).

  • Budget control

You can decide what the budget of the SEM campaign will be, expanding or reducing it depending on the needs or even how the campaign is running. You can know in real time the ROI, the keywords that convert best and modify the ads that are being used at that time by others that work better.

  • SEM positioning operation

SEM Consultant helps positioning

Let us get into stuff. How can we conduct our SEM positioning?

The most relevant platform to manage our strategies within the Google search engine is Google Ads.

Through this tool, we will be able to create campaigns that will allow us to position ourselves in the first results.

When we do a Google search, we can briefly differentiate the paid results from those that are not by the word " ad " that appears just below the title.

For search engines, in this case Google, to put our sponsored link of the first, we will have to buy keywords.

sem consultant
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