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Portage psychomotor advancement sheet FOR V. M. 0-6 years


-He follows individuals moving before him.
-Grin as a reaction to your consideration.
-Express as a reaction to consideration.
-Take a gander at your own hands ,grin and express.
-In the family circle, grin, express and quit crying.
-Grin and express at the identical representation.
-Grin at the grown-up look.
-Beat and shoot (hair, nose, glasses) when he is in his arms.
-Get to the offered things.

Portage Test Online

Observe the guidelines of the game by mimicking the activities of different youngsters.

-He welcomes the grown-ups in the family without being reminded.
-Observe guidelines in the game run by grown-ups.

Request consent to utilize a toy that another kid is playing with.

-Say" please "and" thank you " without being helped half to remember the time.
-Pick up the telephone, call the grown-up or somebody you know.
-Sit tight for his turn.
-Adhere to the guidelines of gathering play drove by a more seasoned youngster.
-It meets the necessities of grown-ups in 75% of cases.
-It sits in regions delimited by the patio of the clinic, the nursery, the House.
-He plays close by and converses with different kids for 30 minutes.
The Portage Test Online for 4-5 years

-Request help when you are battling.
-Add to the discussion of guardians.
-Rehash verses, melodies, or dance for other people.
-Work freely on a normal errand for 20 minutes.
-He is sorry without being helped 75% to remember the time.
-They are hanging tight for their chance in a gathering movement of 8-9 kids.
-Play each in turn with 2-3 youngsters for 20 minutes.
-He utilizes social asocial conduct when he is before general society.
-It expects consent to involve objects having a place with others in 70% of cases.
5-6 years Portage Test Online

-Name the sentiments they attempt outrage, outrage, joy, love.
-It plays with 4-5 youngsters collaborating in a movement without being directed.
-Disclose to others the principles of a game, of an action.
-Impersonating grown-up jobs.
-Take an interest in discussions during dinners.
-He comforts his playing companions when they are disturbed.
-He picks his own companions.
-Plan and fabricate utilizing straightforward items: slanted plane.
-He defines his own objectives and achieves them.

The Portage Test Online Self-administration

0-1 year

Suck and swallow fluids
Eat condensed food (child chips, and so forth)
Summer and get the container.
Eat stressing food.
Hold the container independent for 1 moment.
Control the development of the container bring it closer or away from the mouth.
Eat food sources made crushed prepared by guardians.
Drink from the Cup kept by the guardians.
Eat semi-strong food varieties given by guardians.
It benefits from its own fingers.
Drink fluids from the cup holding it with two hands.
Lead assisted with mouthing spoon loaded up with food.
Stretch your hands and feet when we dress him.

1-2 years

Eat autonomously at the table, utilizing the spoon.
Hold the Cup with your hand and drink from it.
He places his hands in the water and places his wet hands all over as an indication of wash - impersonation.
Sit on the potty or latrine seat for 5 minutes.
Set the cap or cap on your head and take it off.
He removes his socks.
Put your hands in your sleeves and your feet in your jeans.
He removes his shoes when the shoestrings are free, free.
She removes her jacket when it is unfastened.
He removes his jeans when they are unfastened.
Close and open huge zippers without impelling the catch.
Use words or motions that demonstrate the need to go to the restroom.
Feed yourself utilizing the spoon or cup (spill the substance a little).

2-3 years Portage Test Online

2-3 years

He takes the towel from his folks, wipes his hands and face.
Suck, swallow from the glass or cup.
Utilize the fork.
Bite and swallow just palatable substances.
He wipes his hands independent when given the towel.
Request to go to the latrine regardless of whether it is late to stay away from mishaps.
He controls the outpouring of salivation from his mouth.
He pees or has a potty seat, three times each week when he is perched on it.
He places on his jeans; he places on his shoes.
They clean their teeth copying the grown-up.
She removes her straightforward garments that have been unfastened.
Utilize the latrine for the seat, one stroke seven days.
Take regular water without assistance when a seat or step is given.
Wash hands and face utilizing cleanser when the grown-up suits the temperature of the water.
Request to go to the restroom during the day to keep away from mishaps.
He puts his jacket in a holder put at his tallness.
Eat gradually during your evening rest.
Keep away from risk, for example, experienced furniture corners, open steps.
Utilize the napkin when reminded.
He puts the fork in the food and takes it to his mouth.
Empty from a pot into a glass without assistance.
Unfasten the piece of clothing staple without assistance.
He cleans up and feet when he is inebriated.
He is placing on his socks.
They dress with coats, coats, shirt.

3-4 years

Eat the entire dinner yourself.
He dresses with a sweater over his head and finishes himself.
He wipes his nose when reminded.
From seven mornings he gets up dry two mornings.
Young men pee in the latrine standing up.
Start and complete the process of dressing aside from closers in 75% of cases.
She wraps her jacket with staples and fastens, cleans out her nose.
For away from normal risks (broken glass), set his garments on the holder and the holder, on a low bar at the bearing of the grown-up.
He cleans his teeth when given verbal bearings.
For places on gloves with one finger, opens huge buttons to the coat set on a stage for learning.
He places on his boots with assistance.
He wears his boots independent.

4-5 years of age for Portage Test Online

4-5 years

Clean where something spilled, taking his own fabric, keep away from harms and perilous substances.
He unfastened his dresses himself.
He shuts his own garments.
Clean the spot at the table and can close a zipper, wash hands and face.
Utilize the silverware to eat.
He awakens from rest around evening time to utilize the latrine.
He wipes and cleans out his nose 70% of the time without being reminded, he washes himself while washing aside from his neck and back.
Utilize the blade to lube margarine or jam on bread, close and open the clasp on the garments.
Dress alone totally, serve to the table in the bowl with spoon (the bowl held by the grown-up).
Assist with setting the table utilizing the plates accurately, towels. She cleans her teeth, goes to the latrine in the climate, strips down, wipes herself and dresses without assistance.
Brush or brush if she has long hair.
He can stroll nearby the house without consistent management.
He binds his shoes and ties them up.

5-6 years and the Portage Test Online

He is liable for one family task, one every week, and performs it on request.
He picks the right dress as indicated by the time and event.
He stops at the corner, looks to the two sides and goes across the road without verbal bearings.
Serve to the table and pass on the platter.
He readies his own straightforward food (oats with milk, and so on)
It is liable for the day-by-day family task (removing the refuse from the house or other undertaking).
He can fit the temperature of the water for the shower or shower and set up a tart himself.
Go to class, kindergarten, or shop a way off something like two roads.
Attempt to cut enormous food sources with a blade (bananas, bubbled potatoes), track down the right latrine with sex openly puts.
Open a container of milk.
He can take, convey, and place with a little assistance the plate in the cafeteria.
He can secure his bands to the hat, and he can attach his safety belt to the vehicle.

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