What is file extension .crdownload, how to open crdownload file and where in Downloads folder Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac or Linux can you delete the file .crdownload?

When we use various applications, we can find that these generate certain extensions when performing various tasks.

One of the most used utilities currently is the Google Chrome browser, which, when we make a download, by default is hosted in the Downloads folder and automatically creates a file whose extension is unknown by many .crdownload.

We have made multiple tutorials on the most used browser today such as the Google Chrome browser. Some of them were solution to DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN error, Google Chrome not responding, restart without losing tabs, speed up your speed, connection reset error, import bookmarks, disable passwords being saved in Chrome etc.

Today we focus on explaining what file with extension is .crdownload, what it is for, where it is hosted and all its features and options.

Open CRDownload File

Summarizing by understanding it in a straightforward way, these files are automatically created by the Google Chrome browser when you start to perform a download of a file.

On Windows systems they are stored in the user's Downloads folder (C:\Users\Your-User\Downloads), that is probably where you found it.

Keep in mind that these files are created temporarily while the file in question is downloaded, and at the end that file disappears to stay the end.

If you see it there and you are not downloading anything it is that there was an error in the download, or it was not finished correctly.

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Open CRDownload File how to

Let us see in detail each point of this type of files created by Google Chrome in the downloads that we make daily.

1. Creation of files .crdownload by Google Chrome

As we mentioned, when you start the process of downloading any element in Google Chrome this creates a file whose final extension is .crdownload and this file will grow as the download process by Google Chrome continues to download the files of it, in this way, when Google Chrome concludes the download process, Google Chrome will automatically change the name of the file to the original removing the file extension .crdownload:

We must therefore understand that the file extension .crdownload refers to a file that has not finished downloading yet, so if we see a file .crdownload in our downloads folder, we can check if any download is active directly in the browser or the Google Chrome Downloads folder to which we access using the keys:

Ctrl + J

The following window will appear with the downloads made and active:

If a current download is not necessary, we can cancel it and Google Chrome will automatically cancel the file .crdownload associated with this download by deleting it from the folder where the file is being downloaded.

Resuming downloanding and how to Open CRDownload File

2. How to resume download Chrome to complete file .crdownload

When we are in the process of downloading any element, it is possible that various errors arise such as network failures, electrical failures or software failures which interrupt the current download.

We can check this again on the Google Chrome download page and there we will see an incomplete or failed download as you can see in the following image.

To try to continue with the download of the current file that was not successful we will click on the "Try again" button and in this way, Google Chrome will try to continue the download from the point where the error originated in the download and add the rest of the file to the file .crdownload to complete the download:

In some specific cases it will not be possible to carry out this simple resumption process and it will be necessary to restart the download from scratch.

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open crdownload file
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