Jeff Bezos diet seeks to challenge the unfailing cycle of aging. This is how, with his disruptive and avant-garde vision, he chose Altos Labs as the new focus for his investments.

This start-up is focused on achieving biological reprogramming and cellular rejuvenation.

As the Esquire site note says, this project was devised by the billionaire entrepreneur and technology investor of Russian Israeli origin Yuri Milner and has as general director the scientist Richard Klausner, a well-known professional and who had an important career at the head of the renowned National Cancer Institute of the United States.

Also on this important team is Hal Baron, a former scientific director of GSK, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

To support this initiative, Bezos contributed a sum of 3,000 million dollars.

Jeff Bezos diet

Milner was also involved in other companies focused on the study of longevity. One of them is Calico Labs, although so far it has not made progress that deserve any relevant mention.

Altos Labs will have its headquarters in different strategic points of the world. The main ones will be in the United States and in the British city of Cambridge. While from Japan there will be collaborations.

As Esquire's note says, biological reprogramming is a technique discovered in 2006 by scientist Shinya Yamanaka.

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The achievements of Jeff Bezos diet

The great achievement he had is that the cells were "pluripotent". That is to say that they achieve a positive transformation from cellular reprogramming.

The experiment was tested on mice, and it is hoped that one day it can be carried to humans. Although, says the same note, contraindications and limitations are a reality to consider and there is no time frame to implement it.

The ambitious idea to which Bezos adheres, adds a note from Antena3, is to create a drug that can be sold at a reasonable price and that stops aging.

The idea behind the Jeff Bezos diet

As a harbinger of this excessive intention, there is one of his letters that he sent to the shareholders of Amazon. In that text he says: "Avoiding death is something to work on.... If living beings do not actively work to prevent it, they will eventually merge with their environment and cease to exist as autonomous beings. This is what happens when they die."

Although, in the case of Altos Labs, they do not speak, at least so far, of a specific project. Although they do mention their intention to" develop transformative medicines " soon.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of the ecommerce company Amazon. In July of last year, he left his position as CEO to dedicate himself to other initiatives and took 7% of the company. In his place was Director General Andy Jassy.

On the other hand, according to Forbes magazine, it is one of the first people to exceed 100,000 million dollars.

Another of his ambitious dreams is the aerospace transport company Blue Origin, founded at the beginning of this millennium and aimed at suborbital and orbital flights, both for official and private missions.

Jeff Bezos diet
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