This is an article about German food delivery Delivery Hero Glovo shareholder or how the investment funds pulling strings Delivery Hero: so, fits Glovo in the portfolio of the German food delivery giant.

The German Delivery Hero is one of the largest companies in the food delivery sector in the world.

It is present in 50 countries, in the last year-from January to September-has had an income of 4,257 million euros, and currently has a market capitalization of 26,000 million euros.

However, like most companies in the sector, despite the fact that in some markets it is profitable operationally, it is estimated that the German giant will have a loss of 749 million annually in 2021.

Also, interestingly, it does not operate in Germany. After leaving the market and returning last summer, just a few weeks ago it put an end to its operations in the country where it was born.

German food delivery Delivery Hero Glovo shareholder

The company founded a decade ago in Berlin by Niklas Östberg, its current CEO, signed on December 31st one of the most important operations in the Spanish technology sector by taking 83% of Glovo.

This movement has been simmering over the last few years, and everything points to the fact that in the coming months it will finally be done with 100% of the Spanish.

Delivery Hero first became a shareholder in Glovo in 2018. In 2020, the Spanish sold to the German its operations in Latin America for more than 230 million, and this summer, during the last round of Glovo, Delivery Hero entered strongly and took 40% of the Catalan start-up.

This operation is not the only one they have carried out in recent months and responds to an ambitious strategy of expansion and global consolidation in the delivery market.

In general, the food delivery sector has recently experienced a large number of mergers and acquisitions. High competitiveness and tight margins have made proliferate giants such as Delivery Hero, Uber Eats or Just Eat, with a global presence and a large financial muscle.

Little by little, the smaller ones in the sector —and the less so— are being absorbed by these multinational groups.

Examples of German food delivery Delivery Hero Glovo shareholder

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German food delivery Delivery Hero Glovo shareholder

One example is the case of Glovo, but the list is much longer. Uber Eats was made with Postmates for 2.650 million dollars, and the Dutch Just Eat bought GrubHub for 6.500 million euros in 2020.

In addition, recently another strong competitor landed in Europe. DoorDash, the American giant, bought the Finnish Wolt for 7,000 million.

Delivery Hero for its part has been betting for a long time on this strategy of international expansion. To those 50 countries in which it operates divided between America, Europe, Asia and Africa, we now add the 25 where Glovo does it. In many of them, the Catalan was a market leader.

But beyond the acquisitions of companies in the sector, Delivery Hero is characterized by having investments in many of its competitors.

Its portfolio is valued at 2.300 million euros and Germans have holdings in its 2 main rivals in Europe; Deliveroo (5,1%) and Just Eat (7,4%), in addition to the Indian delivery company Zomato or the Colombian Rappi (7,9%).

Although today the German giant has announced that it has sold 150 million dollars (about 132 million euros) of its stake in the Colombian delivery company Rappi, valued at 400 million dollars.

"We firmly believe in the future potential of the delivery sector as a whole and, therefore, we have decided to buy shares of one of the companies that is at the forefront", collected the company after investing in August in the British Deliveroo.

October 2021 with German food delivery Delivery Hero Glovo shareholder

In fact, last October he led the series C financing round of the German ultra-fast shipping company Gorillas, in which he took 8% of the company by investing around 171 million euros of the 858 million that were the total.

And not only that, this 2021 it has acquired Marketyo, another Turkish delivery platform, the Danish Hungry and the Salvadoran Hugo, also a delivery company to expand in the markets of Central America and the Caribbean.

On many occasions, Delivery Hero maintains the brand of the company it acquires and operates with it "independently". This is the case of Rappi, or Foodpanda, a German company that was its main rival a few years ago, and ended up buying in 2016, just before its IPO in Frankfurt. Foodpanda had a valuation of $ 3 billion at the time.

Now, Delivery Hero operates with Foodpanda in Asia and Rappi in Latin America, and something similar is expected to happen with Glovo, since they have ensured that they will maintain the brand of the Spanish company in the countries where it is present.

Naspers group comments the German food delivery Delivery Hero Glovo shareholder topic

The main shareholders of the German group are Naspers Group, with 27%. Baillie Gifford Group, 9%. BlackRock, with between 3% and 5% and Luxor Capital Group, also with another 3%.

Naspers Group is a multinational internet and entertainment group and one of the largest technology investors in the world. It is based in South Africa and has holdings in media and entertainment companies. It invested 387 million in the German company when it went public in 2017 in exchange for newly issued shares and has a member on the board of directors of the German group.

The South African giant, through Prosus one of the largest internet business companies in Europe of which Naspers is owner, is a majority shareholder of Tencent (Chinese tech giant behind 'Wechat', 'Fortnite', ‘Clash of Clans’, League of Legends’), VK (the Russian giant of social networks) and has shares in Stack Overflow or Udemy.

Baillie Gifford Group is an investment fund with more than 100 years of history and offices in New York and London. Moderna Shop has shares in companies such as Alibaba, ASML, Tesla, Shopify or MercadoLibre.

BlackRock is the world's largest fund manager. Its investment portfolio is around 7.9 billion euros in assets and although its headquarters are in New York, it has offices spread over 35 countries. Currently, it has shares in most of the largest companies in the world, from Apple, of which it owns 4%, Amazon (5.5%), or Alphabet (Google), through Coca-Cola (almost 4%), Pfizer laboratories (7%), Tesla, Netflix or Intel.

Luxor Capital Group is a New York-based investment fund. It has shares in companies such as the Spanish Wallbox, GoPuff, Epic Games and Glovo. He joined Delivery Hero in 2014.

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