A 2021 trend on Google was the query for "degoogle reddit". But why would poeople want to degoogle Reddit? Let`s find out.

What is Reddit, how does it work and what is it for?

Reddit is one of the classics on the Internet, although with users in English, but also recommended if you want to use it in our country. News, curiosities, or technology but also series, projects and humour.

Reddit is a collection of forums, a news aggregator and social bookmarking where users can share content or vote for others. It was born almost twenty years ago, in 2005, and its use is in English, although we can find a Spanish version from our country. It was created by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2015 and was modelled after other news aggregators we used fifteen years ago, such as Digg.

It is a news board where everything fits and users post news, but also projects, curiosities, etc. It is a platform managed by the users themselves and they oversee deciding what has or does not have interest, what is important and what is not.

Degoogle Reddit

It is one of the most well-known websites on the Internet, one of the most important forums worldwide and with millions of users around the world. As of January 2022, Reddit is in the top twenty-five according to the Alexa ranking among the most viewed worldwide and in Spain among the thirty most visited according to the same source.

"Reddit defines itself on its website as: Reddit is home to thousands of communities where a never-ending flow of conversations takes place, and a real human connection takes place. If you are interested in breaking news, sports, or fan theories, or if you want to see an endless parade of the cutest animals on the Internet, there's a Reddit community for you. Every day, millions of users around the world post, vote and comment in communities dedicated to the topics they care about.”

We can access Reddit from its website without downloading anything, although it also has free applications for iOS and Android that will allow us to check the communities we follow or register in the service.

If you want to register, the steps are simple and we just must go to Reddit.com and click on the top right corner of the screen, on the button "Register". Here we have the option to continue with Google or Apple or enter our email and fill out the entire form. Of course, they will require you to be over thirteen years old to be able to have the account. If you have it, you need a username and password and confirm with the "register" button. You could start using it now.

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Degoogle Reddit tutorial

Reddit will ask you for some of your hobbies to recommend which communities or boards you may be most interested in. We will also be able to customize our avatar with visual elements and finally we will have the profile.

Use Reddit

Once we have created our profile we can customize the avatar, etc. We can consult posts of the topics, we can vote, comment.


When we have created content, we will be able to consult it from the corresponding section. In our profile we can see, at the top, a menu that will let us review publications, comments, saved, hidden, upvoted, downvoted... as well as the awards received in Reddit.


Karma are points received based on the reviews and contributions you make within the Reddit community. Users earn karma when they post and comment and what they create is valued by the community. But you can also receive prizes or give prizes, and this will help you earn karma. And what is the advantage of having good karma on this website? Give the rest an idea of how valued you are, of the reliability of your contributions, of whether you are a "good" user or not.

Loose change

Reddit coins are used to buy prizes that we will give to others. We must pay for them with real money to get them and prices may vary but at the time of writing we can get five hundred coins for 1.99 dollars, 1100 coins for 3.99 dollars or 3,100 coins for 9.99 dollars. They will be added to your account, and you can redeem them.


We can also access a chat that allows us to contact other users. It is a messaging service that allows us to contact other people on Reddit although we must search by username and find the exact person we want to talk to. We may also send a link (with a limit of five invitations) so that others can contact us.


Awards are recognitions given among users to recognize their contributions. There are different prizes depending on what we do. For example, moderators can create custom prizes for their communities. Or we can create prizes with reactions. In addition, there are the medals: silver, gold, platinum, argenteous and thermos almighty. And Premium prizes that will only be available to users who have paid for the use of the service.

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