The billionaire Buffett shares great fortune method: 6 keys to amass it.

According to Bloomberg's billionaires list, Warren Buffett is currently the tenth richest person in the world with a total wealth of 85,966 million euros (99,700 million dollars at the current exchange rate). By the way, with data from the same source, it has lost 1,983 million euros (2,300 million dollars) between September 27 and October 4, 2021.

Buffett is the president of Berkshire Hathaway, an Omaha, Nebraska-based company that owns Geico, Clayton Homes or Dairy Queen, and has stakes in Coca Cola and American Express.

Throughout his life, in different talks, interviews and even letters to his employees, he has been revealing some of the keys that have led him to amass such a fortune. Joining their statements, in Time they extract 7 tips to get rich.

Billionaire Buffett shares great fortune method

1. Caring for body and mind

In an interview on Yahoo, Warren Buffet said that the best investment that everyone can make is in oneself and that you have to worry about taking care of body and mind, above anything else.

Warn that you cannot wait to start taking care of yourself, because, if you do, when you start doing it "you will already be rusty"”

2. Stay calm and invest in the long term

"If you're not willing to own a share for 10 years, don't even think about owning it for 10 minutes,” is what the billionaire told his employees in a letter.

Buffett recommends not to be carried away by momentary emotion, nor by miraculous businesses, and always think about investing in the long term. That way, he argues, there are more options to achieve greater benefits (even if it is with the passage of time), than if you opt for a product of immediate performance.

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Billionaire Buffett shares great fortune method

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3. Don't invest in what you don't know

Of all the tips that, over the years and interviews, has been left by the tenth richest person in the world, this is one of the most outstanding. He assures that no one should ever embark on projects in sectors that they do not know, because that is a bet doomed to failure.

In his opinion, as he has repeated on several occasions, before investing in any business, you must know well the field in which it is going to develop.

4. Have cash

Some economists predict that the end of cash is approaching, among other things, due to the boom of cryptocurrencies and, above all, due to the forecast of creation of official digital currencies by central banks.

If that happens, Buffett may have a problem, as he has always advised that you have to keep a good amount of cash. In fact, in 2014 it revealed that it had 17,246 million euros (20,000 million dollars) in banknotes. Moreover, he went on to say that “cash is for a business as oxygen is for an individual.”

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5. Surround yourself well

Another tip to get rich that has slipped on several occasions is that you have to surround yourself well, with people you trust, even with people you want to look like, as he said in a forum at Columbia University in 2017.

And, within this close circle, point in Time, Buffett gives much importance to the person with whom each one chooses to spend his life.

6. Love is very important

In this case it was a talk at the University of Omaha, his hometown, in which he said that the amazing thing about love is that you can never get rid of it: “If you try to give it away, you end up with double it, but if you try to keep it, it disappears.”

He did not say exactly this, but everything seems to indicate that for Warren Buffett love is more important than money. With as much as it has-some will think-it is easy to say.

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