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A website is a combination of several web pages merged under a folder associated with a domain name (like www.domain.com).

Whenever customers type that domain name in their browser, they will be redirected to that website (the web pages).

A website then helps customer/visitor see details about the individual (portfolio) or services/products (businesses).

A website can be created in as little as one hour. The results can impress both you, your visitors and most importantly Google.


Still thinking to yourself “it`s too hard for me”? Don`t worry, we`ll help you on our website all the way.

Let`s start with what can a website do for you. Whilst there are tens of reasons why you should opt for digital advertising of yourself / your business, with some more important ones’ being online advertising at reduced costs, available and working for you 24 hours / 7 days a week, and finally, trackable (means you can see who is visiting and what they are doing on your website).

Let`s get back to the why you came here, to begin with: you came to allow us to help you set up a website. Free of charge.
But before jumping to creating a website, we need to tick a few checks to make sure your idea will land on Google`s 1st page.

The checklist is here: “5 Must Have for websites”???

1) planning: where you put your thoughts on a paper and make a list of USP`s (unique selling points) of what makes your service/product better than others and why people should visit your website

2) market research: sadly there`s a few hundred others like you. See what they are offering and go back to that USP list. The more unique your product/service is the more interest.

3) website: the web pages which will advertise yourself / your business 24 hrs a day, here you need to have an idea of what domain name suits you best (like www.yourbusiness.com)

4) content: the text added to your pages that visitors will want to read, your chance to sell your business

5) social media campaign: if your website is fast loading and your content is superb unless people know about it, you`re missing big time. A social media campaign can help you spread the word faster.

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