Samsung Gear S3 update

A major update is currently rolling out for last year's Gear S3 smartwatch, conveyance the newest version of Tizen to the present flagship watch.

The Samsung Gear S3 is Samsung's most powerful smartwatch and in line with SamMobile, a significant update is currently accessible.

 This Gear S3 update brings these new options to last years watch.

Samsung Gear S3 update

Samsung Gear S3 update

According to the update pop-up that seems on your smartphone, this Gear S3 update includes the following:

  • Samsung Connect: Monitor and manage sensible devices with the Gear S3.
  • Gear VR controller: management your Gear VR from your gliding joint.
  • PPT controller: management your PowerPoint presentation together with your Gear S3.
  • Samsung Health: This app has been updated with support for continuous time unit observation and multi-workout widgets.
  • Contacts and Calendar: Enter new contacts and build events right from your Gear S3.
  • Bixby reminder: Support for Bixby reminders on your watch. Bixby Voice isn't however supported on the Gear S3 tho'.
  • Send SOS: This feature currently includes your altitude for a a lot of precise fix of your location if you're in hassle.

There area unit a number of a lot of options that build the Gear S3 an excellent a lot of useful and freelance smartwatch. With LTE, you'll use your Gear S3 as a complete device for several basic desires.

The smartwatch market may be a curious one. On the one hand, you're seeing a lot of and a lot of new models starting, largely from fashion brands and accent manufacturers instead of makers. On the opposite hand, there hasn’t specifically been any major progress on the platforms themselves, particularly lesser familiar ones just like the Tizen OS used on the Samsung Gear smartwatches. That changes slightly nowadays as Samsung pushes out associate update for the Gear S3 that, whereas not a whole overhaul, guarantees to form life easier for the smartwatch’s house owners.

Unlike smartphones and tablets, that appeared to be designed to possess your face affixed thereto as long as attainable, smartwatches work best the less time you pay twiddling with the screen or, within the Gear S3’s case, the bezel. Quite befittingly, the newest update brings options that permits you to do a lot of with less.

For example, you'll currently produce new contacts and events right the smartwatch itself rather than merely viewing what’s already there. You'll even edit checklists or tick them off on your gliding joint, good once you’re doing groceries.

What has created the Gear S3 distinctive among different smartwatches within the market is its virtually ingenious use of 1 of the foremost useless, from a utilitarian point of view, a part of the watch: its bezels. The rotating edge has given users a generally a lot of intuitive thanks to management their smartwatches rather than bit. Within the latest update, Samsung has modified what quantity data is displayed betting on how briskly or slow you twist the edge. Rotating it slowly, you see one watch face at a time, as an example. Twist it quicker, and you get to lump them along into a gaggle.

Samsung has conjointly else visual indicators that benefit of the smartwatch’s circular form, sort of a circular progress bar, snakelike text at the edges, or gauges for weather data.

These new options area unit rolling intent on Gear S3 house owners via the Samsung Gear smartphone app. Do note that some options, like those tied to Health, Reminders, and Contacts, need the acceptable Samsung apps to be updated and used because the default.