Can Amazon Alexa help cut down drinking

It will tell you the time, browse you the news and even crack a joke or 2, however may Amazon's Alexa play a task in your health too?

Alexa is one in every of a growing range of voice technologies that ar slowly turning into a part of people's everyday lives. Most smartphones have some variety of voice assistant, and 'hands-free' speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home mini became progressively common in homes round the world.

We've blogged concerning this growing trend already, and the way we're exploring voice technology as a potential new thanks to reach individuals.

One space we wish to explore is whether or not voice technology may facilitate individuals create changes to their fashion that might improve their health. And today, tied to Alcohol Awareness Week, we're launching AN alcohol hunter which will be used with Alexa-compatible devices.

Can Amazon Alexa help cut down drinking

Can Amazon Alexa help cut down drinking

What has voice technology have to be compelled to do with our health?

Several Alexa skills, that ar basically apps for Alexa devices, are launched within the United States with care in mind. they vary from one which will facilitate oldsters check the severity of their child's fever, to a different which will facilitate the older confine bit with their support and care network. and also the concepts being tested ar endless. may voice technology facilitate patients complete registration forms in hospital waiting rooms, or record a doctor's notes throughout AN examination?

It's youth, and there are not any clear answers however on wherever voice may work best. however it is easy to ascertain that this sort of technology has the potential to possess a true impact within the world of health and prosperity.

Given that the stage appearance set for voice to become a significant player in however we tend to use technology to speak within the future, we tend to needed to seek out out if Alexa may facilitate individuals access heath and cancer-related info. to check this, we've developed AN alcohol hunter for Alexa-enabled devices, like the Amazon Echo or Dot, referred to as My Alcohol hunter.

Why would i would like to trace my alcohol?

It's accepted that alcohol will cause a sore head within the morning, however awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer is worryingly low. Drinking alcohol will increase the danger of seven differing types of cancer, as well as a number of the foremost common sorts, like breast and intestine cancer. however the nice news is that the less you drink, the lower the danger of cancer, which suggests reducing even alittle bit will create a distinction to your health.

Whether it is a glass of wine before of the goggle box, or a few of beers once work with friends, it is easy for the number we tend to drink to pile up throughout the week while not United States realising. to stay health risks from alcohol low, it's counseled that we tend to drink no over fourteen units every week – that is concerning seven pints of 3-4% brew or half dozen normal glasses of wine. and also the steering is that the same for everybody, regardless of your build, height or gender.

Research {is facilitateing|helps} United States cut into into the scientific discipline behind the items we tend to do and what techniques may help modification people's behaviour. Understanding the way to facilitate individuals live a lot of healthily is sophisticated, however one methodology that has usually set individuals on the correct course is self-monitoring, or pursuit.

It may be a useful start in understanding your habits, or what influences your selections – aware or otherwise, like realising that you just solely reach for a glass of wine once you are stressed, or snacking each time you sit right down to watch TV.

What will My Alcohol hunter do?

You can use My Alcohol hunter to:

    Add drinks to your weekly total
    Set yourself a private goal to drink no over a particular quantity (you will use the counseled tips of no over fourteen units every week or decide a limit of your own).
    Get a outline of however you are doing in the week

Along the means, we've conjointly enclosed info on the quantity of calories you are drinking moreover as hints and recommendations on ways that to chop down.

We recently took My Alcohol hunter to a number of our outlets and asked our customers to offer it a go.

No Alexa? No downside

You can notice all identical info that My Alcohol hunter provides on our web site, in our leaflets, through our nurse helpline and out on the streets with our Cancer Awareness Roadshows. thus if you do not use voice technology, you actually will not miss out. And there ar several different ways that to stay an eye fixed on what you are drinking, as well as mobile apps, websites and sensible quaint pen and paper.

Can voice technology very create a difference?

At the instant, voice recognition devices may seem to be toys for the a lot of cranky among United States. however in time, this technology has the potential to assist United States overcome a number of the challenges we tend to face with written leaflets or websites.

With its easy use, and no got to fiddle around with hand-held devices, voice may even be a valuable aid for individuals with visual impairments or sure physical disabilities – like restricted quality or manual dexterity. It may conjointly facilitate individuals access and perceive info if reading several text is not for them, providing one thing that higher suits their desires.

If you have got AN Alexa-enabled device and would really like to undertake and weigh down on alcohol, offer Cancer analysis UK's My Alcohol hunter a strive. you'll be able to alter it for free of charge from the Amazon ability Store, and leave reviews and comments to assist United States learn a lot of concerning this technology and develop it more.