What is a Website?

What is a Website? A webpage or website is a focal area of different website pages that are altogether related and can be gotten to by going to the landing page utilizing a program. For instance, the Computer Hope site address (URL) is The picture to the correct shows how the Computer Hope site looked in 2011. 

The most effective method to open a website 


What is Brand Identity?

What is Brand Identity? Brand identity is the manner by which a business presents itself to and needs to be seen by, its buyers. Brand identity is particular from mark picture. The previous compares to the plan behind the marking: the way an organization picks its name; outlines its logo; utilizes hues, shapes and other visual components in its items and advancements; creates the dialect in its promotions and trains workers to communicate with clients — all with the objective of developing a specific picture in shoppers' brains.


What is Market Research?

What is Market Research? Market research is the statistical surveying deliberate procedure of gathering, breaking down and deciphering data about an objective market, purchasers, contenders and the business in general. Market research is the establishment of any fruitful organization and it can be utilized for various diverse purposes – from distinguishing another market to propelling another business.