Atomic CEO defends agency against allegations

The CEO of independent creative and media business enterprise Atomic 212 has been compelled to publicly refute rumours that his enterprise is chaired via media tycoon Stuart Mitchell. In a announcement issued to media this morning Dooris denied allegations that his business enterprise has made unfaithful claims approximately the customers it works with.

As far back as 2014 AdNews stated on the mounting hypothesis that Stuart Mitchell could be getting again into the media employer game. Mitchell, along with father Harold, ran media save Mitchell & partners before the business become received by Aegis in 2010. The Mitchell name was most effective axed closing month.

Dooris says there has been speculation about a declare in considered one of its awards submissions that Stuart Mitchell changed into chairman of Atomic 212.

“I are seeking for to clarify that Mr Mitchell became a consultant to our chairman, Barry O’Brien, and our board.Dooris says.

Dooris also moved to deal with a few market speculation approximately the validity of the organization Head of The year Award it acquired from marketing campaign Asia for 2015/2016.

“We've got had claims pronounced back to us that our award submission contained misleading facts. We refute this,” Dooris says.

“As an corporation that prides itself on its clients, paintings, crew and recognition, it's miles critical to deal with this difficulty. We want any award won by using Atomic 212 to be undisputed and celebrated.

“As CEO of Atomic 212, it's miles my personal duty to ensure the best requirements exist in award submissions always. very last approval and evaluate rests with me and i'm devoted to ensuring our requirements are excessive and constant now and in destiny.”

Atomic CEO defends agency against allegations

Reviewing the information

Dooris says even as conscious that an award submission is “continually going to be open to interpretation, it was by no means the organisation's goal to be ambiguous” and is is “gratified” that the marketing campaign Asia crew supports this view.

“As a brand new form of corporation that mixes innovative, media, records, technology and many different emerging offerings under one roof and commercial enterprise, there is a assignment figuring out where we in shape into many awards applications,” he explains.

“In competing in awards activities, we continually are searching for to discover common metrics and values that allow achievements or customer fee to be as compared throughout provider strains. this is no easy assignment. After questions were raised, we set approximately reviewing man or woman awards from the perspective of the bottom baseline; are our submissions clean and obvious enough? Is the context sufficient to tell the whole tale we need to tell? Can the juror distinguish between creative achievements, media achievements or generation service and software income achievements? Does any loss of clarity round those distinctions cloud a jurors’ capability to make correct comparisons among an Atomic 212° submission and that of any other agency?”

As part of this method and review it identified areas in its submissions which “can be of problem to non-complete-carrier employer competition” and right away contacted marketing campaign Asia 2016.

This week campaign Asia reviewed the award, this time accompanied by means of additional and complete proof and on consideration and full evaluation of the data, campaign Asia cautioned that the award must stand. After evaluation of the entry, it stated it turned into relaxed the business enterprise met the submission criteria.

Customers will validate

Dooris says the employer has been accused of saying it really works with clients that are not on its roster, and being misleading around billings. He says competition contacted manufacturers indexed as Atomic clients and have been advised they did not paintings with the agency, but Dooris says this “is untrue”.

“It's far not unusual practice for full-carrier businesses to enlist uniqueness 1/3-parties and associates inside campaigns. We will affirm that the ones which form a part of our submission worked with all the brands indexed,” Dooris says.

“As we work across many specific service traces, disciplines and media channels, it is surprisingly feasible that we may be running with customer employees who do not have a media position.

“Disputed customers stated in our submission, whom we've got contacted, are organized to help and validate our paintings with them. it is also ordinary exercise for the lead business enterprise to say the client in its billings.”

Chairman of Atomic 212 Barry O’Brien says he appreciates that some of its competitors may experience components of its submission “are a stretch”, however, having labored carefully with campaign Asia, he's satisfied as chairman, that the evidence of its work and the customers it has accomplished work for, backs up that submission.

“We are enormously happy with our people, our customers and our relationships and thank all our customers, who are assisting us over this problem,” O’Brien.

Disclaimer: Atomic 212 gained some of AdNews organisation of the yr Awards in 2016. AdNews is satisfied the entries met the submission criteria. you can locate extra information on our 2017 awards right here.